6 June

Yoga for the spine

From Sunday 4.6. – Sunday 2.7.

In June, we strengthen the muscles along the spine, move the spine in 6 basic directions, rotate around that axis, breathe along the back, and do targeted exercises for scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis, as well as recovery after hernias. Of course these problems require different exercises but yoga has secret tools that help everyone, placing your attention in a certain way with gentleness does the magic.

The spine is our “electrical energy line” because it is where the information of the nervous system travels and it is a lot of energy that is why it is a central energy channel (also called sushumna). When we target that channel, we directly affect the nervous system. This month we calm that nervous “current” and relax in yoga Nidra – yogic sleep, for deep peace and better sleep.

Topics that we cover in June:

  • the spine as the axis of the present moment
  • back muscle strength
  • directions of movement of the spine
  • yoga for back pain
  • targeted exercises for the back
  • breath along the spine
  • yoga for better sleep
  • yoga Nidra