12 December

Antistress yoga

From Sunday 3.12. – Sunday 31.12.

Yoga practice can relieve anxiety or stress. We practice by choosing to return to the physical aspect of anxiety and feel the flow of that energy through the body. The body always has a tendency to let go, restore balance, strive for health and balance, like everything in nature. With thoughts of fear and identification with difficult emotions, we trap anxiety in our system, and in fact, by fighting for it to pass, we do not let it pass.

With yoga exercises, we work on stretching muscles and creating space that is lost in “anxiety” and stress, and restoring openness and flexibility. We learn to see things from a different, broader perspective and little by little experience experiences more through the body and less through ideas and concepts.

Topics that we cover in December:

  • stretching asanas
  • regulation of the nervous system by breathing
  • increasing lung capacity
  • light yoga practice
  • yoga for mental health
  • mindful yoga
  • somatic meditation
  • compassionate attitude
  • positive affirmations