2 February

Open chest and heart

From Sunday 5.2. – Sunday 5.3.

This month we deal with opening the chest, stretching the shoulders and upper back, and expanding the heart space. The so-called upright posture is nothing else than the elongation of the front pectoral muscles and the strength of the upper back muscles, which lower the shoulder blades down. When these muscle groups are activated in this way, we naturally stand upright and emotionally open to live our truth.

Each of us has what makes us happy, where our “heart opens”, when we live in accordance with this, we are happier, less sick, have meaning and love the people around us. This month we are guided by our heart compass. The movements we make start from the heart, so that we express with our body the attitude that keeps us on that personal, honest path. If you have kyphosis, your shoulders hurt, or you hold yourself hunched over, this is the month of yoga for you.

Topics that we cover in February:

  • stretching of the shoulder girdle
  • chest muscle relaxation, stretching
  • strengthening of the upper back muscles
  • upright posture, open chest
  • surrendering to the experience with trust
  • meditation of love
  • acceptance and gratitude
  • meaning and faith