11 November

Inner fire

From Sunday 5.11. – Sunday 3.12.

In November, we warm ourselves with the best power, the inner fire of our belly. In yoga, this does not only mean strengthening the superficial abdominal muscles, but also deep activity of the abdominal cavity. We prepare for yoga jumps, lunges, chaturangas, twists and asanas that connect the strong center. We add a massage of the organs, hands and internal muscles – yoga kriyas for cleansing the body.

We will focus our attention on that part of the body so that they can use the fine muscles of the abdomen better and better. With these exercises, digestion becomes highly functional, and as soon as we metabolize food healthily, we process other problems, relationships, information, etc. more easily.

Topics that we cover in November:

  • speeding up the digestion
  • jumps in yoga
  • asanas for center strength
  • twisting asanas
  • massage of the abdominal cavity
  • uddiyana bandha kriya and kapalabhati
  • an inexhaustible force field
  • healthy emotional release
  • proper eating and chewing