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Join guided yoga classes in Komiža and on the island of Vis

Life writes stories and it had unexpectedly brought me to this little corner of the world where I started a family with my husband. We live on the route Biševo – Komiža. Komiža is a small picturesque fishing village where time seems to have stopped in the past. The houses are made of stone, the boats are moored on the waterfront, children play on the road, people greet each other as they pass by, there are no skyscrapers, concrete surfaces, billboards with illuminated advertisements, city bustle and unrest.

Beauty of nature and peace that make the city of Komiža so fascinating are an inspiration to do yoga while walking on the nearby trails, on the wonderful Komiža beaches and in the shadows of the luxurious terraces.

My vocation is to lead yoga and meditation, but when I moved to Vis from Zagreb, I continued to teach primarily online yoga, I discovered with great joy that there is a very stable group of yoga enthusiasts in Komiža, which I joined and regularly lead classes. The group and interest naturally increase in the summer when many more people visit the island. I happily participate and organize yoga events in Biševo and Komiža, join me.

My approach to teaching yoga is mindful and therapeutic. Therapeutic means that I try to respond to the needs of the pains that we carry in the body, for example a painful back, neck or shoulders, poor digestion, bad posture, stiffness in the body, stress and similar. The classes I lead can target a problem or body zone if needed. Mindful approach means that I emphasise how to maintain a good balance of strength and relaxation in the body while performing the positions. How to develop healthy strength without stress, and to really listen to your body and not fight against it.

In mindful yoga, we let the body open at its natural pace, when it is ready to let us in, we only create the opportunity for openness.

In teaching, I emphasize the importance of body awareness that we all innately have, and we return to in somatic movement. In mindfulness principle, we become aware of body sensations and try to experience them without judgment, directly, as the flow of energy in the body, and not as a concept in our head.

When you arrive to visit Komiža or the island of Vis, feel free to contact me and we can organize a private or group yoga class, my english is fluent. Contact me on 095 8346359 or

See you, Tena

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