Practice Drop in yoga classes in Komiža and on Biševo island,
private or in a group

Practice yoga by the sea in the nature of the most remote Croatian islands. Combine the ambient of peaceful pine tree shadow by the beach with yoga practice and you have an unforgettable experience. Yoga classes are mindful and therapeutic, I respect individual differences and offer creative yoga classes for you. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your previous experience with yoga. Have an active holiday & beautiful yoga time.

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Stress is not caused by what happened to us, but by the way we accept it and how quickly we can let it go. We have a problem with stress if we cannot let go.


1. Mindfulness meditation
Meditation is the time when we stop and calm down, look inside ourselves and become aware of our “inner atmosphere”.

2. Faster letting go through the body
The body knows how to release the chemistry of stress that it produces in a healthy way so we have to trust it.

3. Re-programming stress
In yoga asanas, we put our body in a position that signals danger to the nervous system, but we have now consciously entered that stressful situation and we breathe deeply.

4. Relaxing breath
Our optimal daily functioning takes place in the action of the parasympathetic nervous system, when the breath is deep and calm.

5. We are not alone feeling stressed
Stress is not a problem of the individual person, but the culture that we live in, which presents unhealthy ideals and expectations. Read on the blog…


What was your path to yoga like and how did you start to practice yoga?

The first contact with yoga had an extremely deep impact on me because I felt great strength and openness in my body, which helped me to cope with daily challenges more easily. I felt from my experience that thoughts and emotions are connected to physical states – that the mind and the body really are inseparable.

What is the lesson you have learned during your work with people?

We are all very different and any prejudice about somebody is a waste of time. We cannot know what someone came with, what hurts them and what they carry inside. Condemning, and thus gossiping, is not at all constructive. Read on the blog…

The symbolism of the Lotus flower is that it grows from the mud and when it penetrates above the surface of the water it blossoms into exceptional beauty. That beauty is the potential while we are still in the “mud” we just need to find a way to grow, and yoga is definitely a very good way.

What is yoga?

Body positions are triggers for emotional and mental states – sometimes they are difficult and we begin to think that we cannot bear it, sometimes they are pleasant and we think that they will never pass. With yoga, we seek balance and alertness to immediately know that all feelings are transitory. The practice of body movements and postures with the breath helps us develop useful qualities such as maintaining stable attention, the center of gravity in our body, peace and composure… Yoga prepares us for the challenges that life brings every day.

We consider yoga a holistic discipline, because through our own experience we see how the body affects the mind and vice versa, we see how all systems constantly communicate with each other.

According to yogic philosophy, this teaching is the right of every human being, because it contains knowledge about the truth of our nature and the return of health within us. The path of yoga is slow and gradually changes us, by understanding ourselves we develop patience for others and remain mindful with the challenges that life brings. True transformation comes from love and joy, not guilt and rigidity. Read more…

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It is wonderful to see the atmosphere created in a yoga class where we are all welcome with exactly what we carry inside us. Everyone will use their body to express the movement in a different way and they cannot make a mistake because that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

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