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Join my online yoge program where I regularly guide you through the practice of yoga and meditation. Stay motivated, healthy and happy by using intelligent and practical yogic methods to maintain a healthy body and mind. Join me at any time regardless of your previous yoga experience. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for many yoga class videos! Share with friends, exercise regularly, breathe, learn and see what is useful for you.

In 2023, every month on online yoga we are covering a different yogic topic. Topics connect therapeutic yoga with mindfulness and meditative contemplations.


Read the news for March:
Prvo kisik onda šećer

Practice yoga with recordings of all classes from February on the topic: “Open chest and heart”, request them at [email protected]

Impressions of the participants on the topic of the month:

“Your lecture today, opening a new month of practice, is so inspiring and magical. Magical because we believe that we can overcome everything, be better and see only the good in others, as you say.” Branka

“It was great, personally very usefull for me because I have a strong tendency to hunch over, and I’m tired of sedentary work, so things like this are always great for me. Every class is really wonderful, you always have something nice to say, to warm the soul and body. :)” Martina

“This topic was great for me and I really liked all the exercises. My upper back is generally problematic and hurts occasionally, and I really like how you connected it to opening the heart. I have not linked the two until now. I feel a change in my back and I perform some exercises myself whenever I feel that I am a little stiffer.
I look forward to the new topic and the new month :)!” Iva

What is yoga?

We consider yoga a complete discipline, because through our own experience we see how the body affects the mind and vice versa, we see how all systems constantly communicate with each other.

Body positions are triggers for emotional and mental states – sometimes they are difficult and we begin to think that we cannot bear it, sometimes they are pleasant and we think that they will never pass. With yoga, we seek balance and alertness to immediately know that all feelings are transitory. The practice of body movements and postures with the breath helps us develop useful qualities such as maintaining stable attention, the center of gravity in our body, peace and composure… Yoga prepares us for the challenges that life brings every day.

The path of yoga is slow and gradually changes us, by understanding ourselves we develop patience for others and remain mindful with the challenges that life brings. True transformation comes from love and joy, not guilt and rigidity. Read more…

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Thank you for the nice feedback and thank you for practicing with me

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Krem juha od buče
Krem juha od buče

Zbog nutritivnih sastojaka preporučuju da se zimi grijemo uz tople juhice od buče. Iznimno je zdrava i hranjiva namirnica, puna vitamina i minerala antioksidanata, vlakana i lako probavljivih ugljikohidrata. Ako ju spremamo po ovom receptu budi probavnu vatricu i zagrijava nas iz dubine. Buča je kraljica i za svoju priredbu ne treba puno pomagača, malo podloge i dobrih začina koji će naglasiti njeno bogatstvo.

Tena Rebernjak


Vegan Jaffa cake
Vegan Jaffa cake

The combination of orange and chocolate gives a Jaffa association, besides that this cake has little to do with Jaffa.

Tena Rebernjak


What is mindfulness and why should we meditate
What is mindfulness and why should we meditate

Mindfulness is a way of being, seeing, existing that we practice through meditation. The word mindfulness comes from the Buddha's eightfold path from the term Samma sati, which means "remembering correctly", "remembering to observe", "maintaining awareness". Right means with the right intention, so that we don't allow "poisonous" states of mind to take over.