Biševo Yoga Healing Space

Returning to myself

the meeting of the ancient discipline of yoga and the pristine nature of the Mediterranean

Small island of Biševo has long inspired everyone who comes to it. When we set foot on its ground, we finally slow down, become silent and take in the role of an observer, get a sense of space with a view at the open sea and the infinity of the horizon. The brisk wind carries the scent of pure pine, aromatic herbs and undiscovered possibilities. The sea sings its eternal song, crystallizes with turquoise depths and invites us to dive.

That way we sink with all our senses into the optimism that nature offers and awakens the health within us. This little island brings everyone back to themselves.

Biševo Yoga Healing Space project was born in the meeting of the ancient discipline of yoga and the pristine nature of the Mediterranean. The goal of the project is to refer at the needs and problems we carry and to approach them holistically, which is achieved by teaching and practicing therapeutic mindful yoga and somatic meditation, education about a healthy lifestyle and offered programs on the island.

Branches of the BYHS program

1. Virtual socializing – Online yoga classes led from Biševo

Regular online yoga classes led from the island, more information about the online yoga program and the schedule of monthly topics find at ONLINE YOGA. Database of lessons recorded on the island, ready for practice, is available on the youtube playlist. The classes are based on the values that the program promotes.

2. Yoga on Porat beach – for all visitors to Biševo

Combination of the peaceful shade of a pine tree forest next to a sandy beach and the practice of yoga is a recipe for a special experience. Yoga classes consist of breathing methods, mobility exercises to awaken the spine, elements of sun salutations and basic yoga asanas with relaxation and meditation at the end. Yoga classes are mindful and therapeutic, they respect individual differences and offer creative possibilities and solutions for ailments you may come with.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your previous experience with yoga.
To schedule an appointment, contact me at or whatsapp +385 95 8346359

Suggested and on TRIPADVISOR

3. Yoga retreats on Biševo island

As you might know, life took me to Biševo and I settled here with my husband and our son Nikola. We live in a small bay in the “third house from the sea”. This is truly a heavenly place: peace, sea, clean air, untouched nature, no cars, no stress, no crowds (shops), I don’t need to go on. I want to share with you being in a place like this so I regularly organise private yoga retreats. If you would like to join a yoga retreat, please contact me at

To retreat means to step away from everyday life, to let go of obligations, jobs, meetings, hustle and bustle. We stop and focus on ourselves. Peace, natural surroundings, the practice of yoga and meditation, good food and life in nature we can awaken our inner strength and feel the ease of living.

The schedule is adaptable from day to day according to the weather and mood of the group. Every day we go through dynamic yoga practice, yogic breathing, meditation. We cook according to Ayurvedic principles: vegan meals, proper combination of foods, seasonal foods, long chewing, Ayurvedic aperitif and digestif for better digestive fire.


  • 07:00
    Wake up time
  • 07:30
    Morning yoga practice, kriyas, meditation and yogic breathing
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
    Volunteering around the house, garden, drywalls, meal preparation
  • 15:00
  • 16:00
    Rest, walk, read or volunteer, depending on the day
  • 19:00
    Light yoga and meditation
  • 20:30
    Snack if desired, socializing, yoga Nidra
  • 22:00

Biševo Yoga Healing Space (BYHS) is a project within the activities of the Biševo association. It includes residential, local and online programs that promote a healthy lifestyle. There are organised yoga retreats, lectures, seminars and other professional gatherings with the aim of promoting the importance of health and a healthy lifestyle.