7 July

Spaciousness of breath

From Sunday 2.7. – Sunday 6.8.

In yoga, the breath is a guiding thread, a barometer of our inner state and a means of communication between physical and mental experience. When we are agitated, our breath shortens and becomes incoherent (irregular rhythm), and when we are calm, our breath can be long and even. Given that breathing is a function of the autonomic nervous system that we can change by will, it is the most effective and fastest way to self-regulate. The lungs hug our heart, and the rhythm of breathing directly affects the rhythm of the heart and the entire nervous system.

The feeling of emotional pressure is like a narrowed space of the heart, when we release our breathing, the heart moves in a wider, more comfortable space. This month we are dealing with allowing greater spaciousness of breath, metaphorically and literally. Let’s be self-confident, improve communication with our body and self-regulation in order to face with confidence what life brings us.

Topics that we cover in July:

  • increasing lung capacity
  • work with respiratory muscles
  • yoga backbend positions
  • yoga against anxiety
  • emotional regulation by breathing
  • yoga breathing
  • meditation of love
  • trust and security
  • breath through the heart space