Terms of use


By enrolling in the Tena yoga program, you accept the following conditions:

  • You understand that the hours in the Tena Yoga program can be physically and mentally exhausting, and you confirm that you participate voluntarily, at your own risk, aware of the risk of injury.
  • You accept the condition that you, your relatives or legal representatives will not sue the Tena Yoga program and its associates or members for any injuries, unwanted psychological condition, lost property, property damage or unwanted death regardless of the cause.
  • You agree and consent to the Tena Yoga program collecting personal data concerning you as a member: name and surname, ID number, address, year of birth and contact information.
  • You agree to the above personal data being used for the purpose of records and business books of the Tena Yoga program.
  • You accept the goals and work program and declare that you will act in accordance with them.

    Conditions for participation in the Tena Yoga program:

    • Do not consume alcohol or drugs before class, I reserve the right to kick you out of class if you are unable to participate or disrupt the work of the group.
    • If you have serious injuries or illnesses, tell me before class.
    • I am not responsible for possible injuries and accidents, you participate in the class at your own risk.
    • If you have questions, ask at the end of the class or write an email.
    • Respect the silence of the group and the leadership of the teacher.