1 January

Everyday mindfulness

From Sunday 8.1. – Sunday 5.2.

In the first month of this year, we are understanding how to apply mindfulness in everyday life and establish the quality of wakefulness and relaxation through the practice of yoga.

Wakeful relaxation is a state in which we elongate the spine and express alertness with the body, while at the same time relaxing the facial muscles and the layer under the skin. We hold this attitude with yoga positions in which we strengthen the spine as an axis of alertness and strength, and at the same time we remain with a smile and softness. This is the Buddha’s middle path – that we are neither too relaxed and sleepy, unconscious for our lives nor rigorously tense, under stress, this is the attitude in which we are “responsive” (we know how to react well when we need to and relax when it’s time for it). We practice holding that attitude with our body and remembering it throughout the day, straightening up and relaxing at the same time – being mindful.

Topics that we cover in January:

  • the body as the field of the present moment
  • leg and pelvic strength
  • upright posture
  • strength and relaxation in the same experience (in asana)
  • meditation
  • facial muscle relaxation, facial yoga
  • breath along the spine
  • every day motivation