Vegan Jaffa cake

Written by: Yogic Foods&goods

The combination of orange and chocolate gives a Jaffa association, besides that this cake has little to do with Jaffa. First layer contains roasted oats, maple syrup and a mixture of roasted, nuts and seeds with grated orange peel. Then a layer of orange slices on which there is a white sweet potato and white chocolate cream spread. The cake is filling and very nutritious, a layer of fresh orange adds freshness. All ingredients are healthy by themselves. The base is a mixture of oats, quality malt and nuts, as if it were a good energy bar, a fresh orange is of course a vitamin bomb, and the cream is made of glorified sweet potato. They praise it for its wealth of minerals, B vitamins and fiber, they say that the complex carbohydrates in the sweet potato enable the gradual release of sugar and its absorption in the bloodstream, which is why it is recommended for diabetics and classified as a dietary food.

The contrast of flavors and textures in this cake plays with our senses and tells the story of opposites that attract in this case.

I used oranges from Biševo island, not only that they are unsprayed but also grow in pure nature, full of juice and essential oils, they are basically the reason for making the cake. Find organic oranges so they can use the peel as well. The cake is perfect when you want to treat yourself to a vegan delicacy. Invite your friends, practice yoga, and after the practice restore your energy with tea and a slice of cake, enjoy without remorse.


– a large cup of oat flakes
– half a cup of fried nuts
– half a cup of fried sunflower seeds
– grated orange peel
– a teaspoon of cinnamon
– two spoons of maple syrup
– a spoonful of honey
– salt

– boiled larger white sweet potato
– white chocolate approx. 80g


For the base dough I first make butter from roasted nuts and seeds in a coffee grinder, I also like to leave a larger pieces of hazelnut or walnut to “nibble”. Then, I fry the oats on a dry pan just so that they get a slightly golden edge. While they are still hot I mix honey, nut butter and maple syrup into them so that the honey melts and permeates everything. While mixing, I also add other spices for the base. The mixture should be sticky and thick, not dry, the oats should stick together. Also, while the mixture is still warm, I press it into the cake mold. For the cream, I just cook the sweet potato in water or vegetable milk and while it’s hot I put in the white chocolate cubes and mix in a good mixer. On a layer of oats and nuts, I arrange small orange cubes and put sweet potato cream on top. For decoration I sprinkled the cake with bitter cocoa and strips of dark chocolate. When we see chocolate on a cake, we are even more excited. The cake should be cooled before serving.

The cake is without added sugar (chocolate contains it, but you can regulate it), gluten-free, dairy-free, completely vegan. It has everything it needs and nothing it shouldn’t have…

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