The breath of health

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We do anti-stress yoga and work with the breath along with yoga techniques that allow us to successfully self-regulate.

More on the lessons

We continue the detox we did in March, but in April we focus more on deep abdominal breathing, a little less fiery yoga practice and a greater flow of fine Prana. We will go into the layer under the skin and travel through the fascia to feed your tissues. This approach of yoga and mindful movement helps with depression and anxiety. We work with light and comfortable movements supported by the breath to see how we change the chemistry of the body. Yoga is a natural remedy for depression and anxiety. More about yoga for mental health on the blog.

Topics that we cover in April:

  • deep breathing exercises
  • light yoga practice
  • compassionate attitude
  • yoga for depression and anxiety
  • asanas for stability and stretching
  • mindful yoga
  • everyday motivation

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