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We wake up digestion, stimulate organs to work and raise body temperature with active yoga asanas.

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The theme of the month is the awakening of digestion and the importance of the principle that we first stimulate the organs to work and then feed them with food. First, let’s feed ourselves with Prana and awaken the circulation so that oxygen reaches the organs and deeper gourds, and then we give sugar. Digestion is stimulated by massage, stretching the abdomen, raising the temperature of the whole body, pulsating movements and twists. The task of digestion is to transform matter into energy that the body uses for life’s needs, but it is also where our emotions are metabolized. Taking what we need and missing the rest is the task of healthy digestion (physically and emotionally). We will perform the exercises on an empty stomach, and after yoga, drink a lot of lukewarm liquid in small sips. This month we also talk about the importance of yogic nutrition and diet. Topics that we cover in March:
  • proper eating and chewing
    • spinal breath movements
    • breath to the abdominal cavity
    • fast and rhythmic movements
    • pulsations that squeeze and then lengthen the abdomen
    • massaging the abdominal cavity with abdominal action
    • belly massage with palms and hands
    • twist asanas and rotation movements
    • emotional transformation, letting go
    • proper eating and chewing

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