Rhythmical rutine

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A healthy routine through the regular practice of yoga gives us a great base for all daily challenges.

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Good routine is a useful thing, it sets a schedule for duties and free time. Our nervous system likes routine, the body knows when it’s time to eat and looks for food around the same time every day. It is the same with time for sleep, work, concentration, exercise and other things. We manage in our routine, it is a familiar, productive terrain. It is important to include yoga in the regular flow of our routine. They say if you don’t have 10 minutes to meditate, meditate for an hour. We will dedicate October to establishing a routine with a morning yoga practice that is repeated, becomes familiar and safe, and gives us a great base for all the daily challenges that come with returning to a schedule with other members of the community. Also if you are a beginner in yoga now is the time to start as will cover some yoga basics. Topics that we cover in October:
  • basics of yoga and details of asanas
  • salutation to the sun
  • ashtanga yoga base
  • rhythm of movement repetition
  • a healthy yoga routine
  • silence of mind
  • coherent breathing
  • meditation for better concentration
  • affirmations for willpower

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