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We work on easy joint mobility, pelvic mobility, spine health, stretching hamstrings and psoas.

More on the lessons

May is a time of outdoor activity, perhaps hiking, walking and other sports, so this month we work on mobility with yoga to “reset” after each outdoor activity. Mobility means healthy joints and good quality of the muscle tissue (that they are not in spasm). Yoga itself is a synonymous with mobility. We emphasize the mobility of the pelvis, which is the basis for a healthy spine, the stretching of the hamstrings and psoas, which are shortened by walking and running, and the mobility of the shoulder girdle. These are the key zones where we accumulate stress, when we stretch our muscles and move our joints we get a feeling of lightness. Topics that we cover in May:
  • sympathetic breath
    • spinal breath
    • mobility of the pelvis and lower back
    • Asanas for stretching and endurance
    • yoga for back and shoulders
    • hamstring stretch
    • self-massage for muscles in spasm
    • sympathetic breath

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