yoga challenge

Seven aspects of being, chakras – yoga challenge

7 Saturdays in a row from 2.4. – 14.5.2022. from 10-12 o’clock we go through theory and practice of chakras

We become aware of the aspects of our life that we do not see clearly, “where we are stuck” and establishing flow again in that field.

Chakras are a traditional yogic system that helps us to become aware of our emotional, mental and physical states and to learn about aspects of ourselves and our lives that do not flow easily. According to this disease system, misunderstandings and ambiguities often manifest where energy is not flowing. The main meaning of yoga is to stimulate vitality throughout the entire system in order to live more easily, function better in close relationships, in relation to your body and health, in relation to work and money, the environment…

In this intensive, through 7 separate workshops, we go through the seven chakras, each of which is responsible for a particular aspect of our being. In the introductory part, we talk about the meaning of the chakra and ask questions that help us see the cause of discomfort, problem or illness in a certain area of life. Through the practice of yoga, meditation and affirmation, we get useful tools to get in touch with ourselves and start working on what we have become aware of.

Every Saturday from 10-12 AM we go through one chakra through theory and practice, a total of 7 weekends from Saturday 2.4. until Saturday 14.5.2022.
Each workshop consists of energy exercises, discussions about a particular chakra through guidance with questions, guided meditations, asana practice and affirmations.
Price: HRK 190 for a single workshop or HRK 1200 for all 7 workshops.

The workshops are led by Izabela Marić, certified yoga teacher and certified holistic life coach, and Tena Rebernjak, certified yoga teacher and long-term practitioner of Mindfulness meditation.

Everyone is welcome, for applications and payments contact us at

The workshops are held online via the Zoom application, and we send an unlimited recording by email after the class.

Flow through the liberating current of your chakras using conscious movement, targeted meditative techniques, and specific introspective exercises on chakra psychology.

Through this well-rounded program, our intention is to become aware of the body part by part and its energetic and emotional response, to see which emotions (related to situations, relationships and people) are holding us back and which beliefs we carry. The intention is also to encourage self-compassion, which is the real cure for true forgiveness and acceptance once we “unearth” what the problem is.


Chakras are illustrated as points of light in colors, mandalas and swirls, which can confuse us because it seems mystical, but behind the chakras there is a simple scientific basis. A system according to which parts of the body, including the glands and organs of that part, are connected with actions in life, emotions, will.

Different parts of the body and different tissues are responsible for different transformations, and the chakras are positioned to explain the seven main centers of “production” of energy.
How a certain part of the body produces energy and how efficiently it does so results in health and fitness or vice versa. Read more on the blog…


When we have the stability and strength of the pelvic floor muscles, the rest of the body can rely on them and remain “light”. It is like a very good foundation that holds the whole house, if the foundation is unstable the house is not safe. Through this aspect, we realize our need for security and become aware of our fears.


Through this aspect of our being, we realize creativity, relationships, sensuality, the need to procreate and connect with other people. To know how to master your sexual energy is to know how to tame the dragon within you, to have its strength on your side.


We realize self-esteem, self-confidence, willpower, strength of intention and ambition. Manipura is an aspect of determination and the feeling that we will be able to (find our way, fix something, solve a problem…). This Saturday we are dealing with the main transformational FIRE of our body!


The bridge is between the three lower chakras that ground us and the three upper ones that enable us to experience wholeness and unity. Through this aspect, we realize love, compassion, joy and empathy and a sense of connection. At the Workshop, we deal with the source of unconditional love.


It is responsible for our ability to express ourselves, clarity of speech, communication, honesty and creativity. If this aspect is blocked, it will be difficult for us to express our sincere feelings, we will act quiet and withdrawn and have the need to “smudge” and lie in order not to reveal our truth. Honesty heals the fifth chakra, and lying blocks it.


It is responsible for the ability of intuition, perception, concentration, imagination, awareness… When it is open, it can strengthen the aspect of wisdom and insight into the true nature of reality – to see clearly. Are we aware of our truth, do we know our purpose and do we have the “light” on in our life.


Sahasrara is responsible for spirituality, connection with higher consciousness, unity, self-knowledge, inspiration, wisdom, understanding, idealism, selfless service, perception beyond space and time, continuity of consciousness. We lose our individual identity and become a fully realised being, aware of the breadth and all the possibilities of existence.

Mid-Summer transformation

Two-week online yoga and meditation intensive from 2.8. – 13.8.2021. in which we transform old habits

Change is constant, everything flows and passes, but how much we surrender to the natural flow depends on how much we look through old habits, the established image of ourselves, the world and our relationships. Fortunately, this seemingly unchanging picture of reality is a habit that we sometimes don’t know but can actually let go of.

In order to surrender to the natural flow, we learn to see every moment as a new, never-before-seen experience (Zen concept “beginners mind”).
We know that the most effective change occurs when we work with body and mind together. Our body is a treasure house of our habits, memories and subconscious actions. The body experiences the world around it, and the mind interprets that experience.

In order to let go of the old self-image we need to feel safe so that once we let go of the past (that we are holding on to) we have a foundation to stand on.

Also, in order to be clear about what we are working on, we will set an intention for the intensive. We will take one aspect of our life (habit, relationship, project) that we want to look at from a different perspective and put it through the fire of transformation. The right intention helps us to devote our efforts and act out of love, but there is no expectation of results or aversion to things as they are now.

In this summer intensive, we transform old habits with body and mind:

Transformation is a conscious, intensive change with effort, will and a clear goal.

The intensive is divided into two aspects “Fire of Transformation” and “Wisdom of Transformation”. In “Fire” we work with the body through dynamic yoga, and in “Wisdom” we breathe, contemplate and meditate.
In the first week of our intensive, in the aspect of fire we work on awakening the centre, leg strength, rhythmic movements of the pelvis and grounding with which we create base stability. In the aspect of wisdom, we do forgiveness meditation and contemplate letting go of the past.
​In the second week of the intensive in the aspect of fire, we work on opening the heart, spontaneity, freedom and opening to new possibilities. In the aspect of wisdom, we learn to look at experiences through “beginners mind”, meditation of gratitude and love.

Let’s remember that true transformation comes from love and joy, not from guilt and rigidity.

​The intensive is intended for everyone, regardless of previous experience with yoga. All the techniques and exercises we will go through will be explained in detail.

Yoga, strength and lightness

​Two-week early morning online intensive for awakening yogic “strength with lightness​​” from 17.5. – 28.5.2021.

According to yoga philosophy there are energy padlocks in our body, the two primary ones are Mula bandha and Uddiyana bandha (in Sanskrit, Mula means root, Uddiyana to fly upwards and bandha means to stop, to lock).

Working with Mula bandha grounds us and builds strength and stability. Mula bandha is developed by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and, in a broader sense, by the activity of the legs and the stability of the feet.
A strong pelvic floor supports the abdominal and pelvic organs that exert downward pressure every day and supports the healthy function of the muscles (anus, urethra and vagina).

Exercises to increase the functionality of the pelvic floor muscles (strength and relaxation) are performed to prevent or relieve incontinence, constipation, hemorrhoids, and difficulties caused by pregnancy…
Hatha Yoga Pradipika says:

There is no doubt that by practicing Mula bandha one achieves complete perfection.

Working with Uddiyana bandha helps to create an ease of movement (and jumping in yoga practice), fluidity and mobility of the body. Uddiyana bandha is located in the lower abdomen, below and around the navel (abdominal muscles and small intestine).

It is practiced by massaging the abdominal cavity with the abdominal muscles themselves (Nauli kriya) and exercises for the strength of the center. The health of the abdominal cavity and all organs is the key to the health of the whole body, good circulation, strong immunity, healthy digestion…
Hatha Yoga Pradipika says:​ ​

Even an old person can become young if he does Uddiyana Bandhu regularly.

Strength with lightness is the combination of these two forces in our body and our inner source of strength without stress. The biggest enemy of the vitality of these two energy centers is long, passive sitting. We will go through the techniques for developing, raising awareness, using and connecting these two energy locks together in a two-week online intensive.

In the first week, we will deal with Mula bandha – work on the strength of the legs and muscles of the pelvic floor (+ glutes) and learn how to separate strength from stress. In the second week, we will play with Uddiyana bandha, stimulate metabolism, strengthen the center and work on ease of movement. The intensive is intended for everyone who wants to get to know their body in a different way, regardless of previous experience with yoga. All the techniques and exercises we will go through will be explained in detail, we will repeat them enough times that you can introduce them into your daily routine.

Three week long Spring Detox intensive 29.3. – 16.4.2021.

Early spring is the time to awaken our inner vitality and strength.

After a long and passive winter, we will wake up our intestines, circulation, and breathe in spring energy. Through the three-week early morning intensive, we will systematically work and establish practices that help to detoxify, empower and feel open. We will learn basic yogic Kriyas to stimulate digestion, yogic breathing practice, asana practice and meditation. In just 40 minutes every morning, we will give ourselves focused attention so that we will love the mobility of our bodies and acquire a morning yoga routine.

A healthy body is one that moves with ease and through which substances move (digestion), and being able to digest any experience is an aspect of mental and emotional health. The hypothesis of this detox intensive is:

When I get fresh Prana, I need less food!

A hypothesis is a theory that we need to test, so join us on a unique intensive.

This intensive is intended for everyone who wants to work on establishing healthy habits, wakeup the digestion, breath and body, feel free to join me even if you are a complete beginner in yoga. All the techniques we will go through will be explained in detail and we will repeat them enough times for you to understand them. The intensive is not suitable for pregnant women or people with more serious abdominal problems, modifications are also made on the days of menstruation.

Some of the practices that we will learn and repeat regularly during the intensive:

  • kapalabhati
  • nauli kriya
  • nadishodana
  • spinal breath
  • squats
  • Sun salutations
  • yoga asanas.