Summertime yoga

Summertime yoga

01.06.2023. – 31.10.2023.   Porat plaža

Happy summer yoga time

Guided yoga classes on Potrat beach on Biševo Island on your demand, private or for a group.

Yoga practice by the sea in the nature of one of the most remote inhabited Croatian islands is an irreplaceable experience. Each yoga class consists of breathing practice, mobility exercises for awakening the spine, elements of Sun Salutation and basic yoga asanas with relaxation and meditation in the end. Yoga classes are mindful and therapeutic, they respect individual differences and creatively offer options and solutions for any ailments you might carry. Combine the ambient of peaceful pine tree shadow by the beach with yoga practice and you have a beautiful experience. Find out more…

Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience with yoga.
To make an appointment contact me on or WhatsApp +385 95 8346359